The Korean-American Society of Houston (KASH) is an organization dedicated to promoting Korean culture to encourage deeper interactions between the Korean-American Community and the greater public.

KASH was established by a group of Korean-Americans and like-minded young professionals in 2008. After gaining the status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, members of KASH dedicated themselves to serving as a guide, friend and partner to the next generations of Korean-Americans, and encouraging deeper interactions between the Korean-American community and the greater public.


Our mission is to promote Korean culture, instill in our young men and women an appreciation of their individual heritage and a sense of identity, and help bridge the gaps that exist between generations and between communities.

To achieve our mission, KASH hosts events that support local businesses, facilitate professional networking, and showcase the arts. Our efforts culminate in KASH’s annual flagship event – the Korean Festival Houston.


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